Scout Sports produces 2 collections per year. Each collection starts with an inspiration – usually a place I’ve recently traveled.

The inspiration sparks a color story. And from the color story I pull available fabric options.

Fabric and Color Options

Once I have a strong conceptual story, the design ideas start flowing and I put pen to paper.

Sketching and digitizing the sketches is one of my favorite steps in the design process. It’s when I can really see the collection coming together.

After finalizing the designs for the seasonal collection with the team, it’s time for the technical work…

First we sample every style in the collection (but usually not every color of every style). Once we have the samples in hand from our producer in LA, we hit the road to meet with clients and make sales.

Regional Trade Show

I try to get as many pre-orders as possible [from wholesale accounts]. The number of sales we get per style determines how much we will produce. Some styles don’t get enough love, and so I don’t have them produced.

Linesheets and lookbooks (along with the samples) are the selling tools I use. The clients want technical information (linesheets), and photographic examples (lookbooks) to make their buys.

After a couple of months of selling, it’s production time! I order all the necessary fabrics, create the tech packs for our manufacturer, and establish a production timeline.

California Production Facility

With a couple of trips to the manufacturer, and a lot of phone calls later, we have our collection delivered to Scout Sports headquarters!

The final product is photographed and put on the website, and sent out to fulfill all the clients’ pre-orders. And the hard work pays off.