In honor of December 12th and only TWELVE DAYS until Christmas (can’t believe it), I wanted to post some gift ideas for the last-minute shoppers like myself.

You still have time to order online, so you don’t have to fight the all the crazies & spend hours in the checkout line (like I did today–le miz). 
As a lady I never know what to get for the gents in my life. The boyfriend isn’t too hard to shop for…but dads and uncles? Fuh-get-a-boud-it.
Sooo I’m helping you out and sharing 12 manly gift ideas for the 12 days of Christmas we have left! Cheers!
*Sung by bearded badass man*
“On the 12th day of Christmas my sweet gal gave to meeeeeeee…..”
12 Balls for Golfing
11 Pans for Frying
10 Liquor Minis
9 Hats for Wearing
8 Cups for Drinking
7 Books of  Reading
6 Socks for Sporting
4 Growler Jugs
3 Steak Knives
2 Concert Tix 
and a Surfing [or golfing, fishing, hiking, camping, biking] Vacay for meeeee” 
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