In this 21st century, Spanx-loving, plastic surgery-getting world, corsets have definitely become a thing of the past. Fast-fashion companies haven’t helped the custom-made, apparel-world either.
But as a designer & seamstress I think there’s something to be said for custom-made clothing, so today I’m blogging about a custom-made corset I designed and produced.

There is definitely a movement happening in the fashion world to push consumers to be more aware of where their garments are coming from, who is making them, and the environmental effects their purchasing could have.

Buying clothing that is custom-made to fit your body & hand-sewn, not only allows you to dress completely unique, but also helps stop the promotion of wasteful and unethical clothing companies.

Next time you’re looking for a garment that will make you stand out from the crowd, consider a hand-made or custom-made item! Join the Revolution.
Also if you don’t where to look, any of my collection pieces from Austin Fashion Week can be custom-made to your size and specifications!